Vietnamese American Community Center

Mission Statement

"To enhance and to promote healthy living conditions for the low-to-moderate income people in the Greater Houston Area through social services, education and housing."


The Vietnamese American Community Center is a culture hub, hosting celebrations such as the Lunar New Year festival, Commemoration of the Fall of Saigon, Mid Autumn Festival, Grand Parents' Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

The Seniors Club Celebrates Thanksgiving

Seniors Club celebrates Thanksgiving on Novemver 14, 2012 with a Field Trip to Circle Lake in Pinehurst, Texas

With summer coming to a close and the sun glowing a little less brightly each day, the year transitions to fall.  The Houston climate suddenly gets chilly; it’s time for people to fall back from the hubbub of their busy lives and get close with nature.
Around this time of year, the Vietnamese American Community Center organizes a sightseeing trip to the scenic Circle Lake Retreat Center. The location is perfect to celebrate one of the most important American feasts.

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Christmas 2012 at the Center

Nearly 300 persons attend Christmas celebration at the Vietnamese American Community Center in 2012

The Vietnamese American Community Center collaborated with the Senior Club and Zen Tai Chi Association to celebrate Christmas 2012. The Christmas Festival includes two distinct events: the Singing Contest and the Final Karaoke “Golden Flamingo Wings 2012” Awards.
Adorning the auditorium was a Christmas tree, a symbol of the Christmas season. At the bottom, there is a multitude of deep red poinsettia pots. In an overstuffed chair is Dougie Claus, a parishioner of Prince of Peace, here to pose with children on his lap. His costume is complete with a red and white suit, a whispy white beard, and a pink nose. His mission is to deliver gifts to children and encourage them to better themselves for the upcoming new year.

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The Most Sucessful Programs

Monthly Food Fair distributes an average of 15,000 lbs of food from Houston Food Bank

The Vietnamese American Community Center has always been interested in improving the lives of people with low income, regardless of ethnic background. Battling hunger is of particular importance because it affects the health and ultimately financial standing of a person. Facilitating stability has always been a mission of the Vietnamese American Community Center.
Vietnamese American Center has 4 food programs:
1. Daily Balanced Meals program for an average of 60 people.
2. Distribution food of CSFP program (Commoditive Supplemental Food Program) of the Department of Agriculture and Food Bank for nearly 300 seniors.
3. Food Fair Program which is the combination of food distribution and a community education program by Houston Food Bank Organization and public service programs such as health, public education, public safety for over 800 persons every month, sponsored by the Vietnamese American Community Center.
4. Food Pantry Program for approximately 100 low income families, regardless of age.

Community Garden

Mr. Chuong (center) has grown a goud that produces 200 fruits

The community garden is among the most successful programs that the Vietnamese American Community Center has to offer.   It includes more than 5 acres, all of which rests on the lot of formerly abandoned farmland.  Since the beginning of the center’s development, the trees have been cleared, the ground leveled, and irrigation systems have been installed.
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Building a Strong Community


Congresswoman Jackson Lee visits the Vietnamese American Community Center

The Vietnamese American Community Center is a gathering place for the Seniors Club, Culture Club and associations such as Zen Tai Chi and Yoga. The Center also makes it a mission to promote common problems related to community such as education, housing, healthcare, public safety and business.

Seniors Living Complex Project

In response to the needs of seniors who live near the Vietnamese American Community Center, Annam Community Development Corporation is planning to build a Seniors Living Complex.
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