Vietnamese American Community Center

Seniors Living Complex Project

It is estimated that there are over 100,000 Vietnamese-Americans in Houston, with a substantial number located in our Center’s vicinity. Out of this figure, about 27,000 are senior citizens. Seniors have long been recognized by government officials as having particular needs that are different from a general citizen. The Seniors Living Complex Project provides a safe-haven for these individuals to enrich and hopefully prolong their lives.
Age can bring much difficultly in people’s lives. These difficulties can be further augmented by language barriers, cultural differences, lack of income, and ongoing feelings of abandonment.  Annam Community Development Corporation, with the support of the community, will work on an Seniors Living Complex to be based near our Community Center. 
The project includes living quarters, a dining area, a swimming pool for physical therapy purposes, a healthcare facility, and a special community garden for seniors.