Vietnamese American Community Center


The Vietnamese American Community Center celebrates Christmas 2012


Nearly 300 persons attend Christmas celebration at the Vietnamese American Community Center on December 22, 2012

The Vietnamese American Community Center collaborated with the Senior Club and Zen Tai Chi Association to celebrate Christmas 2012. The Christmas Festival includes two distinct events: the Singing Contest and the Final Karaoke “Golden Flamingo Wings 2012” Awards.
Adorning the auditorium was a Christmas tree, a symbol of the Christmas season. At the bottom, there is a multitude of deep red poinsettia pots. In an overstuffed chair is Dougie Claus, a parishioner of Prince of Peace, here to pose with children on his lap. His costume is complete with a red and white suit, a whispy white beard, and a pink nose. His mission is to deliver gifts to children and encourage them to better themselves for the upcoming new year.

"Silent Night" by Seniors' Choir

Santa Dougie Claus from Prince of Peace Parish

Many families take this opportunity to take photos with Santa Claus, followed by receiving a hearty Christmas dinner in the evening. In addition to the traditional holiday foods such as turkey, a mixture of glutinous rice, and broccoli casserole, there are also many Vietnamese foods such as fried rice and a lot of other authentic desserts.
This year, we were able to enjoy Christmas carols with a choir.  Mr. David Doan, a member of the Board, thanked the guests for attending. He spoke a little about the meaning of Christmas celebration and wished everyone a wonderful and joyous Christmas.
As people enjoyed their meals, the cultural program entertainment offered moments of relaxation, comforting the soul after a long year of work.
Followed by singing contest, an annual program with five contestants were selected for the final round. The contest was hotly competitive and very exciting and joyous for all who attended. The awards were sponsored by the Senior Club, Zen Tai Chi Association, Funders with cash and some valuable gifts.
Before leaving, seniors were able to receive a gift bag that included olive oil, mineral water, coffee and sweets .... These gifts were made possible with the effort of our sponsors and sorted out by volunteers the day before.

Each senior receives a Christmas gift