Vietnamese American Community Center


Thanksgiving 2012


Seniors Club celebrates Thanksgiving 2012 by a Field Trip to Circle Lake in Pinehurst, Texas

With summer coming to a close and the sun glowing a little less brightly each day, the year transitions to fall.  The Houston climate suddenly gets chilly; it’s time for people to fall back from the hubbub of their busy lives and get close with nature.
Around this time of year, the Vietnamese American Community Center organizes a sightseeing trip to the scenic Circle Lake Retreat Center on November 14, 2012. The location is perfect to celebrate one of the most important American feasts.
Due to time restraints, people were not able to fully take in the scenery. Mr Joseph Do, Executive Director at VACC, took everyone around in a shuttle to circle the lake and fully appreciate the scenic beauty that the retreat had to offer.
The Senior Club also brought musical instruments, sound systems, and speakers to provide music.  Inside the hall echoed the beautiful notes, reflecting the lively atmosphere inside: people were singing and dancing and generally enjoying themselves as they dined on a fantastic Thanksgiving meal.
The day seemed to slip by; at 2pm, it was time to return to the facility against many of the seniors’ wishes. Thanksgiving 2012 provided many touching memories for all attendants.

Mr. Joseph Do, Executive Director for Vietnamese American Community Center offers a ride to seniors who can not walk around

The scenic Circle Lake